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Dream Cozy ist ein wunderbarer Verlag aus Finnland. Und wie offensichtlich alle Skandinavier haben sie ein Händchen für wunderschöne Fotos zu ihren grandiosen Designs. 

Dream Cozy ist neu bei mir und ich bin sehr begeistert, sowohl von den Büchern, als auch von dem herzlichen Kontakt, den ich zu Elina von Dream Cozy habe. 

Wonderful Morning engl. Dream Cozy

Ich schätze, ich lege in meinem Kochbuchregal ein neues Fach an für die Bücher von Dream Cozy an.... :)

Wonderful Morning is a recipe book for anyone who wants to make the most of the first hours of the day – and be charged with energy that will last long into the evening. The book provides delicious ideas, whether after a takeaway breakfast, calm moment with a coffee and newspaper, or weekend brunch with friends. The 80 recipes range from oatmeal to muesli, jam, homemade bread, spreads and quiches as well as drinks to match. 

Most of the recipes can be easily combined together, so the most important meal of the day will never be boring! Try the gentle green smoothie, French toast from banana bread, cold brew coffee, almond porridge with chocolate nut butter or archipelago bread with a variety of toppings. What better way to wake up to a new day! 


Wonderful morning
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Flowers on a Plate engl. von Dream Cozy

Take a deep dive into the world of edible flowers, inspired by the endless abundance of Parisian flower markets. Flowers on a Plate offers advice and visual stimulation on the right flowers and methods for making use of florals in the kitchen. The simple recipes from breakfast to dinner, not forgetting  dessert of course, are perfect for curious home chefs. Why not experiment with rosy redcurrant porridge, jasmine cured arctic char, sumptuous lavender chicken or delicious marigold cake –  toasting with a glass of Kir floral! The palette of  floral flavours adds a fascinating twist to recipes based on classic French cuisine. 

Ina Niiniketo is a Stockholm-based chef who works in her dream job, with a background ranging from bistros to Michelin-star restaurants. She is passionate about intense flavours and using the best possible ingredients in season. Her unique dishes stem from a love for timeless Parisian elegance coupled with Japanese and Nordic minimalism. 

Flowers on a plate
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Menu Recipes for Shared Moments engl. von Dream Cozy

Delicious food brings people

together. Recipes for Shared Moments serves up the perfect recipe whether after a foodie trip to Bangkok, dinner ideas for a wintry Thursday or special treats for a movie night at home. Invite friends over for a glass of red and grazing platter of tapas, surprise your nearest and dearest with a hearty breakfast or throw a tea party in the garden. Recipes for Shared Momentsoffers the best ingredients to be shared with loved ones. Make the meals from scratch in your home kitchen – or cut a few corners if you prefer. 

Johanna Nelson is a passionate chef with a background in top restaurants, who you are most likely to find in the kitchen also in her free time. Always making sure there’s plenty to go around, Johanna believes that food is a key part of our lives together. All of the recipes in this book have undergone regular testing by the most critical panel of all, otherwise known as family. By gathering around a Menu made with love, we take care of each other at the same time.

Menu shared moments

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